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Integrity's Code of Conduct 

for Acceptable Ethical Business Principles

Integrity Death Care Cremation & Funeral Planning places a high value on ethical business practices and ensures each employee adheres to the following code of conduct:

  • Welfare: Integrity is committed to promoting positive health, growth, and well-being internally within our company culture and externally through the families we serve and the surrounding community.

  • Duty: Our duty is to assist families through what can, for most families, be a difficult time. Integrity is committed to fulfilling this duty through transparent guidance at an affordable rate.

  • Rights: You have the right to quality care for yourself and your loved one. You have the right to clear, up-front and transparent pricing before agreeing to our services.

  • Fairness: Integrity is committed to providing equal service and fair pricing to each family we serve.

  • Honesty: Integrity is committed to being honest and transparent in all exchanges with families, suppliers, and the community.

  • Dignity: Your loved one will be treated with dignity while in our care.

  • Integrity: Integrity is committed to upholding high moral standards within our company. All employees are committed to being truthful and maintaining a responsibility and accountability to families.

Integrity Death Care Cremation & Funeral Planning is committed to adhering to the Manitoba Funeral Board's Code of Ethics. 

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