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It is with profound sadness that the family of Carolyn Marion Horbal (nee Hansen) announce her passing upon November 12, 2020 at the age of 63 years.  Carolyn is forever lovingly remembered by her family.  Carolyn was born upon March 21, 1957 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to George and Rose Hansen.   She is survived by her three sons, Geoffrey, Matthew and Brandon; and her siblings Joyce, Sonya and Gary. A brief history of Carolyn's life is given by sister Joyce.


Dear Carolyn,

My sweet little sister,
I knew you your entire life, I got to hold you on my lap as a baby under the watchful eyes of our mother.
With Sonya we played together as little girls with our Barbies, our baby dolls and our board games.
You were always up for a bike ride with me down Girton Blvd. to the monkey trails and the park.
We experienced joy and excitement together in the arrival of our baby brother Gary.
We later grieved together at the sudden loss of our father when we were still children.

You loved animals and we would sometimes argue over who the cat Dominique loved the most, but I admit now I think it was you. You had such a big open innocent heart and the animals felt that from you, as did I.

It was the many hard blows that you would begin to experience in life that would harden but also strengthen you. It started with some difficult teenage years which you struggled through. But that led you to eventually meet Gerry who brightened your life again.

You married Gerry and began your life as a family. You gave birth to Geoffrey and later Matthew. Those were happy times as a young mother. But Gerry was taken from you suddenly. Your strength had to be demonstrated again as you learned to survive on your own with two young children. Luckily the joy of having those children in your life kept you going.

Then another blow as we lost our mother Rose after a long fight with cancer. But she was our strength and our hero and we had learned from her how to carry on in the face of adversity.

Later you met Dale and your life brightened up again as you had found a new love. You gave birth to another sweet boy you named Brandon. You had a few years together with Dale but it was not to last. But at least you had your sons and they all became the number one priority in your life. They would experience their own hardships but you were always there to love them and support them.

The final hardship for you in recent years began with this illness of the lungs. You fought hard to keep going and told us all how much you loved us every time we saw you or talked to you. I will miss talking to you as you had many insights about life that taught me how to have hope in the face of great hardships and how important it is to show love to those around you.  


As I said to you when you left this world you are loved and appreciated by your children, your sisters and brother and all the family you have left behind. It is your time to leave us and visit those loved ones who departed this world earlier. We will be alright as we have the memory of your love in our hearts and your demonstration of strength and hope to keep us going.

Love you forever,
Your sister Joyce


  As Carolyn held a lifelong fondness of animals, we would be honored to have donations made to the Winnipeg Humane Society in memory of Carolyn.  Donations can be made online, by email to or by calling (204)982-2041. 

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