Following Bailey: The Year of Death

Humans react to death differently than any other being on earth. While the stages of grief are well documented, reality will dictate that each of us handle things differently than the next person. There are no books which will truly prepare us for losing those who we love the most. The majority of us are eventually left to cope on our own. We will have little in the way of support in the weeks and months after the death. Inevitably we will find ourselves alone for periods of time while life around continues whether we thnk it should or not. This reality can raise many questions about the entire grieving process and whether or not we, as a society, are adequately supporting those who are s

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and it Kind of Sucks.

They say there are five stages in the grieving process. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about it eloquently in her book "On Death and Dying" in 1969. This book is certainly worth reading but it doesn't specifically address how those who have experienced loss might be feeling during the Christmas season. We've been featuring the writings of Bailey Wall as she shares her journey through the grieving process after losing her sister in a pedestrian/car accident in April of 2014. This week she focuses on her experiences in getting through her first Christmas since the accident. Christmas is normally Bailey's favourite time of year and early in the season she made a consious decision to ensure t

What you need to know about your digital life after death

"One small fact: You are going to die," Death says in the opening of The Book Thief. "Despite every effort, no one lives forever." If you've come to terms with that (or have at least thought of death at one time or another), perhaps you've prepared for the inevitable by getting insured, saving up for those you're leaving behind and writing up a last will and testament. These days, though, you also need to decide what will happen to your online life after death. What can you do to prepare for it, and what can you do to help if someone close to you passes away? Engadget provides us with everything we need to know about how to prepare for the inevitable, digitally. Click HERE to read on...

following bailey | a journey to somewhere

Bailey Wall is, in many ways, the heart and soul of what we do here at IDC. Last April Bailey lost her sister as a result of a tragic accident that should never have happened. It was a loss that has made an undeniable alteration to her life's path. We all know that everyone expresses their grief differently. Some people turtle and withdraw, while others lean on those in the community for support. Bailey has opted for the latter because she realises that "healing from grief is not the process of forgetting, it is the process of remembering with less pain and more joy" (author unknown). "Healing from grief is not the process of forgetting, it is the process of remembering with less pain an

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