Top Six Things You Should Know About Planning a Cremation or Funeral.

1) You don’t need to purchase an urn or casket from the funeral home. Funeral homes will often have the best of the best when it comes to their selection of caskets and urns. What you may not know is that you can purchase a casket or urn elsewhere, even online at Walmart or Costco in some areas, or direct from the manufacturer. In these instances the casket can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than you would be paying from the funeral home. Similarly, a funeral home may have less expensive options that are not on display but readily available. Always ask to see what other choices are available to you. If scattering ashes – you may not need to purchase an urn at all. 2) Scatterin

Why I became a funeral director and why I left the business 23 years later.

It’s called the death care industry. “Care” being a word that means something to me. I got into death care because I wanted to help people. And in my first years I was able to achieve that. At that time, in the early 90s, the title funeral director meant something. A funeral director had the ability to sit with a family, listen to what their needs were and support them with some direction on how to achieve the type of service they were interested in - how to personalize things so the event represented their loved ones. But, as time went by that ability was more or less stripped from the directors in funeral homes. Later in my career I remember working in a Winnipeg funeral home when a man ca

What is a Death Care Consultant?

We can feel so lost when a loved one dies, especially if the death happens unexpectedly. There’s a panic and sadness that takes over and then a sudden pressure to plan an event to honour their life. We turn to family and friends for comfort and help in planning, but sometimes with the uncertainty of what needs to be done, we end up letting our emotions get the best of us and overspend on funeral services. Sometimes what we really need is someone who can say “I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how to help.” That’s what Integrity Death Care is here for. Our staff have experienced loss and grieving, and our Senior Consultant Shane Neufeld was trained as a professional funeral director, wor

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