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(née Collins)

Karen passed away peacefully in her husband's arms on September 13, 2020, at St. Boniface General Hospital, after her 5-year battle with cancer.

Karen is survived by her husband, Larry Kibalski; her 3 children, Jenn (Ed), Clinton, Samantha (Brandon); their father, Kerry Freund; her 5 grandchildren, Fabian, Brandon, Skyler, Emily and Xenya; siblings, Janine (Rick), Sandie (Chuck), Richard (Susan); brothers and sisters-in-law, Sherri (Ken), Mike and Bonnie (Garry); nieces and nephews, Terri, Graham, Kyra, Alex, Ashley, Terry, Kelly, Alicia, Harmony and Sienna; as well as her best friends, Hazel and Connie.

Karen was born in Hampshire, England, on December 14th, 1961. She moved with her family when she was just a baby to British Columbia. Her travels weren't done there, throughout her childhood she moved a few more times to Nova Scotia, then Back to B.C. (the life of a navy child) before moving to Fort Churchill for a year and finally settling in Winnipeg in 1972.

Karen was a caring woman who was always willing to learn and when she finally decided ‘what to do when she grew up' she became a nurse.

Karen liked to tend her garden, travel to warm places, go to the movies, and to yell BINGO (still not sure if she liked the game), she liked trying new things, nothing slimy though (gag) and even though she did not like creepy crawly bugs, she enjoyed going to the cabin with her husband, (what a sport).

(Finally wrote you a poem Ma)


Blue Jay

Blue jay blue jay, freed to the sky.

Blue jay Blue jay, float on by.

Blue jay Blue jay, you are in our thoughts.

Blue jay Blue jay, we miss you so much.

Blue jay Blue jay, no more pain.

Blue jay blue jay, there to stay,

In our hearts and part of our souls,

Now you’re home and you’ll never grow old.

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