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Garnet Lindsay

July 8, 1950 - December 3, 2020


With great sadness the Lindsay family, friends and relatives all mourn the loss of GARNET PATERSON LINDSAY.  He passed peacefully the evening of Dec 3th at Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg.  He is survived by his four sons (& partners / grand children), his three dear sisters, Darlene, Carol and Penny (& partners), nieces, nephews and cousins.


GARNET PATERSON LINDSAY was born on July 8, 1950 about 10 minutes ahead of his twin sister, Charlotte Penelope. They became a new brother and sister for older sisters Darlene and Carol. The twins came home from the St. Boniface General Hospital to their home at 670 Kildonan Drive in the midst of the 1950 flood. Proud parents Phylis and Pat Lindsay were delighted to have a son and another little daughter. Pat grew up on Kildonan Drive moving with his family to the house at 668 to accommodate Pat’s Nana and Grandpa who came to live with the family.  Pat and Penny were baptised at John Black Memorial United Church, the family church for many years and the source of Pat’s lifelong faith.


Always a very popular little boy on the street, Pat was so very handy and ready to share his fun times with the little kids in the area. In 1956, the family built a cabin at Betula Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park and that started years of swimming, water skiing, fishing, trips to the island and more fun with the kids at the lake, most especially, Kathy Kennedy and Joyce Parry. Since Joyce was also a student at Miles MacDonell Collegiate, their romance continued in the city as well as the lake.


After high school, Pat went to work for Ken Davidson at North West Wholesale selling furnaces, snowmobiles and swimming pools. In his early twenties, he left to set up his own company, Aqua Tech, and which became a very successful venture which is still run by Pat’s former employees.


Pat, Joyce and the kids loved to visit the Florida Keys and Disney World each winter. In the summer they would be at the Lindsay and Parry cottages at Betula Lake.  The time spent on the ocean in Florida was very special for the family, diving, fishing and catching lobsters.  There were always large family gatherings at Betula and those memories are some of the fondest for everyone and will be cherished forever.  The family also enjoyed time at the family home on Pioneer Road with our large yard, pool, garden and spa.  Pat always provided the boys with a great deal of fun with go carts, quads, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.


After Pat sold Aqua Tech Pools he worked on pools, spas, water slides and continued to enjoy time in the Florida Keys.  One summer Matt went to visit him down there and helped him operate his spa business and came back with many gifts, great memories and lessons learned.  The family visited Pat in Florida a few times and it was always special spending time with him.  Pat had friends down there and they even took Andrew fishing on Stan's large ocean boat!  This is where we plan to spread his ashes.  Pat returned to Winnipeg a number of years ago and lived with one of his sons for a bit.  The family will never forget the sacrifice that his son went through caring for Pat.  His son Tyler was always very generous with Pat a trait that he learned from his father as he was a very giving person.


In the years that followed, Andrew and Darlene worked hard to ensure that had a place to stay in apartments and later in senior residences.  The family would always pitch in as we moved Pat to different places in Winnipeg.  Pat got support from home care and that helped improve his health and general well being.  Pat was always a handful for the caretakers but the family made sure Pat always had a safe place to live.  He continued to work on spas in his home and did occasional repair work for customers and family.  Pat loved keeping himself busy and always had a project on the go.  Pat made many friends in the places his lived and he enjoy many good times with them.  Pat would also help those around him with odds jobs to make sure everything was in working order.  He loved when the brothers would take him hunting, fishing and out to Betula Lake for visits.  Pat was always the go to person when the brothers needed to know how to fix ANYTHING.  


Pat’s health started to decline and one day while Andrew was at a conference in the USA; he had a phone call from the hospital that Pat wasn't well enough to live on his own.  Pat lived in Concordia Hospital for a month, quit smoking and drinking.  His health improved as he was eating three meals a day and was gaining weight.  


Pat was transferred to Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg where he lived for 2 years.  The family visited him there as often as possible and even one day Matt brought his little dog Petey for a visit.  What a treat that was for Pat.  Darl and Andrew spent a lot of time caring for Pat and dealing with his affairs.  It was hard seeing Pat when his health was declining but the love, time and energy the entire family gave him was well worth it as he spoiled us all so much in the 70s, 80s and 90s.  Andrew would bring Pat "near beer" which always put a smile on his face.  Pat would also gobble down all the sweets and snacks the family would bring him.  We watched hockey on TV and took him out on the beautiful patio and for walks around the home.  It was nice to enjoy time with Pat when he was healthy, sober and happy! The care Pat received in the home was exceptional and the entire family would like to thank all the staff at Middlechurch for their dedication and professionalism in caring for Pat.


Over the last few weeks Pat's health deteriorated and he had pneumonia in his right lung.  It was evident that now he needed end of life care and the family went to say their last respects.  The home did a great job keeping Pat comfortable in his last days and he did not suffer.  Tyler visited Dad just before he passed and that helped put them both at ease.  The family will miss the old man; he was loving, caring and generous and there is a hole left that will never be filled.  We can all be comforted that he does live on in all of us!


The family will have celebration of life near Winnipeg when it’s safe to do so and there is no longer any risk for gathering or travel due to COVID.  We will place a tombstone at Stony Mountain cemetery where his parents are.

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