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Integrity (noun): 

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Oxford Languages Dictionary (2020)

Our Role

Integrity Death Care Cremation & Funeral Planning is an alternative to the traditional funeral home. Our team has extensive experience in cremation and funeral service planning.  Together, we will discuss your needs and make choices that fit those needs. We provide options for direct cremation with no memorial service, celebration of life services or a traditional funerals with a casket burial. We will organize everything from the comfort of your home or in our modern and centrally located funeral planning offices. 


We offer planning expertise at a flat rate fee and offer all other products or services to you at cost so you can be confident in knowing that our advice always comes with the best intentions. 


We support you in selecting the services and arrangements that honour and celebrate your loved one.  We then handle everything on behalf of the family to complete the event as arranged and ensure each detail is attended to. This method of arranging cremations and funerals has proven to be beneficial to the family from a stress reduction perspective. It has also saved our clients thousands of dollars.

Our Story

Integrity Death Care Cremation & Funeral Planning was the concept of three business partners who aspired to create change in the Winnipeg Funeral Industry. When one of the partners suddenly and tragically lost a daughter in 2014, he engaged a friend and formal funeral director to guide the family through the arrangements. 

The expertise provided had such value that they wondered why nobody was offering the service to the public. Together they developed a business model aimed at offering consulting services for cremation and funeral arrangements to those in need.


The idea was simple:  offer clear, concise, honest and unbiased advice to those who have experienced a death in their family or who are interested in prearranging services for themselves or a family member;  and negotiate lower fees for the family and offer alternatives to merchandise typically purchased from the funeral home or cemetery.  Early on a decision was made to accept no commission payments from funeral homes, cemeteries, florists, caterers, newspapers or any other service/merchandise supplier in the process.


In other words, offer Integrity at a fair price and do everything possible to reduce stress on the bereaved both emotionally and financially.

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