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Hidden Fees?
Look Elsewhere.

Cremation and Funeral Planning Online Quotes

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We offer flat rate fees and transparent pricing for our planning services. We promise to never ask for payment on our first visit.  We feel that it is important that our clients have time to process all of the information before any money changes hands.  That way, the family is in control.


At Integrity you'll never pay for services you don't need.  Many establishments have adopted the practice of offering "all inclusive" packages with made-up discounts you'll lose if you remove too many items from the package.  We feel that this approach is bad for consumers and we choose to behave differently because this practice usually means the family pays for products and services they aren't actually using.


Additionally, we would never see a family go without service.  If any family cannot afford our services, we will provide our services at a price which can be afforded.


All expenses for services like cremation fees, urns, caskets, cemetery fees, flowers, catering, obituaries and clergy fees are provided at cost with NO PROFIT.  We are not exclusive to any of our providers and do not accept commission payments from funeral homes or suppliers.

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Photo/Video Tributes

​A Video Tribute is a beautiful and lasting way to memorialize your loved-one.  The family's job is to gather photographs and make a couple of musical selections. we'll take care of the rest.


Have a look at this sample tribute. The cost for this service is much lower than you would expect.


The base fee of $350 includes the video which can be played at a funeral or memorial service and a personalised DVD and/or BluRay Disc and case.


Additional copies are available for other family members (as keepsakes) or for anyone who is interested in having a copy.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

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