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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and it Kind of Sucks.

They say there are five stages in the grieving process. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about it eloquently in her book "On Death and Dying" in 1969. This book is certainly worth reading but it doesn't specifically address how those who have experienced loss might be feeling during the Christmas season.

We've been featuring the writings of Bailey Wall as she shares her journey through the grieving process after losing her sister in a pedestrian/car accident in April of 2014. This week she focuses on her experiences in getting through her first Christmas since the accident. Christmas is normally Bailey's favourite time of year and early in the season she made a consious decision to ensure this year would be full of joy and giving just like any other year. No matter what. You might be surprised to learn how that is working out for her.

Check out following bailey to find out more...

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