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Following Bailey: The Year of Death

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Humans react to death differently than any other being on earth. While the stages of grief are well documented, reality will dictate that each of us handle things differently than the next person. There are no books which will truly prepare us for losing those who we love the most. The majority of us are eventually left to cope on our own. We will have little in the way of support in the weeks and months after the death.

Inevitably we will find ourselves alone for periods of time while life around continues whether we thnk it should or not. This reality can raise many questions about the entire grieving process and whether or not we, as a society, are adequately supporting those who are suffering in a substantial way.

Bailey Wall lost her sister, Amy Gilbert, last April and we've been highlighting her blog, 'following bailey: a journey thorugh words' as she shares with us her recovery from the tragic loss. In her latest post she highlights a number of those questions, admits that death is scary and encourages us to "talk about it".

Read it here.

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