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In the news: Manitoba Burn Fund critical of fundraising middleman on Winnipeg funeral home websites

"My Tribute Gift Foundation takes 8% cut on every donation transaction, says Martin Johnson"

We came accross some interesting news today on CBC. The Manitoba Burn Fund is criticizing some funeral homes in Winnipeg for the use of a middleman to make charitable contributions to various non-profit organisations.

It appears that a number of Winnipeg funeral homes use a third party service called "My Tribute Gift Foundation" to facilitate online donations to registered charities.

"Funeral home websites offer mourners the ease of donating online, but Manitoba's Firefighters Burn Fund says the third-party provider that facilitates the transaction takes a cut out of each donation. (Haydn Watters/CBC)"

"Burn Fund chairperson Martin Johnson says My Tribute Gift Foundation, aregistered charity itself with Canada Revenue Agency, takes an eight per cent cut on every transaction and does not make that clear to donors."

According to CBC News the foundation facilitated transactions amounting to $2, 377, 228 in online contributions to various charities last year. It reported spending $240,506 on "management and administration," although the charity reports having no employees.

We always suggest that memorial contributions be made directly the charity itself and we're always happy to provide donations envelopes to those attending the memorial services.

To read the full details, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the CBC news website.

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