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What is a Death Care Consultant?

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We can feel so lost when a loved one dies, especially if the death happens unexpectedly. There’s a panic and sadness that takes over and then a sudden pressure to plan an event to honour their life. We turn to family and friends for comfort and help in planning, but sometimes with the uncertainty of what needs to be done, we end up letting our emotions get the best of us and overspend on funeral services. Sometimes what we really need is someone who can say “I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how to help.” That’s what Integrity Death Care is here for. Our staff have experienced loss and grieving, and our Senior Consultant Shane Neufeld was trained as a professional funeral director, working in the funeral home industry for many years. He learned the industry well and knows the good - and the bad of it. He saw that commission-based sales approaches had taken over and that meant funerals are now sold, not thoughtfully planned.

Our company is trying to change funeral planning back to the way it used to be. We offer a flat-rate service to help guide you through the process of planning an occasion suited to your loved one. We do not work on commission. An unfortunate reality of funeral homes is they often focus on hiring commission-based sales staff instead of industry certified funeral & cremation planners. They focus on the business of selling as many of their own funeral products and services as possible to grieving families.

At Integrity we have death care consultants. Our focus is on thoughtful event planning. Our role is to help you determine what your loved one would want and then present you with options from around Winnipeg - from St. Vital to St. James and Tuxedo to Transcona, or perhaps options found via internet. You do not have to use the casket or urn, flowers, decorations, catering or other services offered by a local funeral home. We can help you find specialty dealers for all your needs to incorporate into the occasion - often saving you money in the process. Our death care consultants get to know you and learn as much as we can about your loved one to make sure we’re helping you honour them in the best way possible.

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