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A soccer ball is a cremation urn.

A lot of the time when you walk into a funeral home the first items you may be asked about are type of urn or casket, concrete burial vault, headstone or grave marker and other high-value products. All of this is often discussed before any mention of who your loved one was, what they were like and what their interests were. Many modern establishments employ commission-paid sales people and it's common practice to deal with them first, long before you meet a funeral director. It is a sales-driven environment.

A few years back when I was a funeral home manager in Winnipeg, one of the funeral directors was making arrangements for a soccer coach who had recently died. Soccer had been his life's passion. Along the way someone had the idea that his urn could be an actual soccer ball, to truly celebrate his passion. That’s something you can only come up with if the cremation or funeral planner is truly listening and it was the right choice for that family. If you’re dealing with someone who is motivated by the payment they’ll receive for selling a product, it's highly unlikely that they would suggest using a soccer ball as an urn, even if it is the obvious choice to reflect the individual.

We are here to listen. We want to know whom your loved one was, what mattered in their lives and what they mean to you. We won’t try to sell you on anything, because our fees stay the same no matter what choices you make. We earn no commission on any of the services we arrange, from hall rentals and catering to flowers and even caskets and urns. We have strong relationships with traditional funeral homes and non-traditional venues all over Winnipeg, so we can advocate for you and help you plan the best celebration of life for your loved ones.

Give us a call; we will be happy to chat.

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