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Planning the Occasion Your Loved One Would Want.

There are a lot of big decisions to be made in a very short period of time when planning an occasion to honour the life of your loved one. It’s also a very hard time for the close family and friends who are involved in the funeral planning, which can lead to emotional overspending on memorial services; especially if products are being presented as either the best of the best or the only option available.

“Don’t they deserve the best?” you may ask yourself without a clear thought of what “the best” actually means.

At Integrity, our Death Care Consultants learn about your loved one and what represents their memory best, and also what works for you and your family. What kind of venue should you choose? What about music, catering and meaningful memorial displays and video tributes? We help you design a celebration that honours memories and feelings while also respecting your budget. That includes helping you with all the details such as writing a eulogy or adding special one-of-a-kind features.

We aim to help you feel comfortable in planning, with a clear idea in your head of what the occasion should be. We can present you with several style and budget options from funeral home venues, non-funeral home venues, casket and urn vendors and florists from across the City of Winnipeg. You can view each of the services side by side before making any decisions.

At Integrity Death Care we lessen the challenges of planning and support you in providing the memorial event you can feel good about. If you find yourself planning a funeral or memorial service, give us a call for a no obligation discussion.

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