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Love is in the details.

Love is in the details.

When someone special dies, the overwhelming amount of details to deal with are, well, overwhelming. Even when the death is expected, there is still a sudden feeling of being blind-sided when it occurs. The pressure of

making arrangement decisions while coping with your own grief and emotional needs of family can become oppressing.

We feel that these stresses and pressures should be minimized, as much as possible, for families during these times. Just as a therapist would advise against large financial decisions such as purchasing a vehicle or selling a home in the midst of an emotional tragedy, we feel that the stresses of shopping around for a funeral home are not in the best interest of a family during this emotional time.

The options in funeral homes, for Winnipeg alone, are plentiful; the price lists can be confusing, their facilities all vary in size and decor, and their physical locations are wide spread across the city. There is one in this city that will suit your family, your wishes, location and your budget, perfectly. We want to help you find that place; without having you leave the comfort of your home.

We know that you have expectations, and nothing makes us more satisfied than to see them met. The options are endless and the decisions to be made are many in regards to funeral and memorial planning, but they do not have to be complicated or expensive. Your wishes regarding services such as the moving of the body, cremation preparation or burial options and cemetery services, including selection of a suitable urn or placement of ashes and casket options are all important considerations. Your wishes, memories, and your loved one should be reflected in every detail of the memorial arranged in their honour. Each element of the arrangement, from the service to the reception, including negotiating a venue, flower arrangements and catering, to the obituary and a video memorial tribute should be handled with complete care. With your guidance, through an in depth consultation, we pride ourselves in our ability to transform the details of their life into a meaningful memorial service. Like an intricate tapestry, woven specifically for your loved one, our goal is to pull all of the threads together just as you've envisioned.

We recognize that love is in every small detail; therefore none are too minimal to be attended to. Allow yourself the time to grieve by allowing Integrity Funeral & Cremation Planning to handle the intricate details of your loved one's arrangement. We promise to ensure that no love is lost.

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