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Client Testimonials

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The Wright Family

There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for the assistance you provided to our family.


The care and dignity you extended to our dearly departed, and the professional, forthright manner with which you accommodated all our needs was incredible. You have restored our faith in people.


Although unfortunate events brought us together, we are happy to have met you, and count you among an important few whom we hold in the highest regard.


The service you provide is so needed in the industry.  Bravo to you and your staff for being a port-in-the-storm for the bereaved and overwhelmed.


The Wright Family

The late Elizabeth Gould

Our 96 year old cousin passed away on a Thursday.


We had seen an article in the Free Press about Integrity Death Care (Integrity Cremation & Funeral Planning) a few weeks prior to Beth’s death. Thank goodness, we had saved the article. 


Shane kindly came to our home and spent 4 hours explaining the services he provides and then prepared a written document outlining all the items that we requested. There was absolutely no sales pressure – Shane gave us ideas and suggestions – but all the final decisions were ours alone and he supported them. He was flexible and responsive to our needs. It was one of those situations where we both felt extremely comfortable with his approach, his understanding, knowledge and honesty. It was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders!


The memorial service was set for the following Thursday. The days between were filled with numerous decisions. Shane answered every one of our emails promptly – whether it was early morning, late evening or even on Sunday. This certainly impressed us. His attention to detail was impeccable – from working with the funeral director, minister, arranging for flowers, church, cremation, food, picture, printing memorial cards, announcements and indeed, everything that we requested. We could not wish for more.


We cannot express our gratitude enough. Shane and Bailey made the whole funeral process smooth and flawless... in short, it was perfect. 


It is without hesitation, we highly recommend Integrity Death Care.


June and Brian Sprott

The Robbins Family

Very professional, compassionate and absolutely no up selling. Our dad passed away suddenly and they helped with all the paperwork and gave us detailed lists of what needed to be done going forward.

Definitely a great family run business.

Carrie Robbins

The Prince Family

I have recently used the services of Integrity Death Care (Integrity Cremation and Funeral Planning) to arrange a Memorial Service followed by a come and go Celebration of Life reception for my late husband.


My husband and I had previously discussed some of our wishes and it was extremely important for us not to have a funeral service but a Celebration of Life. Integrity was more than willing to think outside the box and provide us exactly what we wanted. Shane and his team arranged everything: the cremation, the urns, the venue, the Celebrant, the bookmark, the obituary, the video, the guest book, the flowers, the catering, the wine, the setting up and cleaning up, the limousine, the disposal of leftovers and everything turned out perfect. All I had to do was to provide the pictures and the titles to the songs for the video, as well as some personal information in order for the Celebration of Life to be personalized to my husband.


We were supplied a Celebration of Life that perfectly captured my late husband's joie de vivre personality. I would highly recommend their personalized services.


Carmen Prince

The Dormer Family

My wife and I had prearranged with another funeral home. When my wife got sick, a family member recommended Integrity to us and advised that they could help us save some costs. We requested a consultation with them and they visited us in our home to advise of our different options.

We decided to move our arrangements to Integrity. They took care of everything and made the process so easy for our family and did in fact save us thousands of dollars.

We would highly recommend Integrity Death Care.


Henry Dormer

The Gobert Family

My mother died on a Friday morning.  My father went to a nearby funeral home on Saturday morning to make arrangements for her cremation.  He felt he could handle things on his own and for the most part, he was able to. However, he did confide in me that he thought the price was quite high when all he really wanted was a cremation.


I looked at the documents provided by the funeral director and found that many of the services had been bundled together and packaged.  I didn't really understand what I was looking at so I called Integrity and asked them to have a look at the paperwork. 


I sat with one of the consultants for about 15 minutes as he looked things over.  He made a few notes on copies of the agreements and instructed me to pick up my father and take the notes back to the funeral home. 


I picked up my father and visited the funeral home with him.  I supplied the notes to the funeral director who excused himself after reading things over.  Upon his return, the bill had been reduced by $1,600.  The services themselves did not change, only the items which were not needed were taken out.  


We were so grateful to have a knowledgeable person looking out for us.  It's good to have someone you know you can trust during a very difficult time.


The Gobert Family

Our experience with Integrity Death Care was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend IDC to anyone looking for a pleasant hassle free experience during one of life's most difficult times. The knowledge and attention to details around our late fathers service met and exceeded any and all of our expectations. Thank you to the staff at IDC for all your help it is greatly appreciated!


As executor of the estate of a beloved friend, I found myself charged with arranging for her funeral and cremation. Having learned much about the darker side of the modern North American funeral industry, I did not know where to turn. It was my good fortune to discover that a new alternative was now available in Winnipeg.

And so began my journey away from anxiety and distrust into the capable and comforting environment of Integrity Death Care. What followed was nothing short of outstanding service delivery and guidance at less than reasonable cost. Serenity and confidence followed all the way to a most memorable funeral and wonderful "celebration of life" reception.

Coping with loss, there was no need for after care counselors to connect me with local help agencies or organizations to help me through my difficult time. Integrity Death Care did it all with and amazing array of knowledge combined with compassion, efficiency and effectiveness. The emotional and economic benefits I experienced with Integrity Death Care exceeded my most optimistic expectations!

My gratitude and respect for the Integrity Death Care Team. Their care initiative will always remain with me. They bring an enlightened and progressive new approach to dealing with the inevitable ending of life's journey which is now available to those looking for an alternative.

Christine Common

The Boothroyd Family

Once we realized that mom was on her last months of her earthly journey we contacted Integrity Death Care to help us plan for the day we would celebrate mom’s life. They were compassionate, understanding of our needs, and offered ways to help us make the best of a sad time in our lives. They met with us wherever we wanted and brought the information to us, no running around on our part so we were able to make difficult decisions in the comfort of our own home.


We pre-ordered the casket (with a huge savings I might add) and it was ready to go when we needed it. We had been collecting photos of mom over the past 6 months and they quickly gathered them together, added the music mom’s granddaughter had created and made the most beautiful video to celebrate mom’s legacy, something the family will always cherish.


The day ran smoothly as they took care of all the details so we had no worries at all and we were fully able to engage with our family and friends who had come to cry and celebrate mom’s life with us.

We would highly recommend Integrity Death Care in your time of loss. They will be compassionate, listen to your wishes, you will save money with no financial surprises, and you will have no worries regarding the details of the day as you celebrate the life of your loved one.

Sharon Boothroyd

The Aminian Family

I cannot possibly overstate the compassion, honesty, and all-around professionalism that I experienced while working with IDC on my dad's funeral and Celebration of Life ceremonies. Ryan, Richard and Linda showed a great deal of flexibility and resourcefulness to deal with a few changes-in-plans that was presented to them. "Integrity" in their title is certainly a suitable descriptor.

Without going into details - as they may be different in each case - all I can say is: I cannot imagine that after an initial consultation meeting with them, anyone would choose a corporate-owned, chain store service for their loved one.

Hesam Aminian

Fantastic place, everyone was so accommodating right from the beginning. They made what is such a difficult time so much easier to manage; very honest on costs. We will be recommending to friends and family.


The Simm Family

Integrity thank you again for all of your help! Your company went above & beyond, walking us through the process of our loved one passing with no pressure. We only had a small budget & you managed to work around it & made it seem like we had a large one. Thank you again & your staff!

Carrol Simm

The Bryan Family

Excellent service, very professional and great prices! Everyone at Integrity did such a wonderful job and made it a little easier to make all the necessary arrangements in such a difficult time. 

Judith Bryan

The Keenan Family

I chose to deal with Integrity because of their website was transparent and up-front.

I am recommending them because they provided amazing and compassionate service during one of the most challenging times we have faced (losing both parents within two weeks). 

Every step of the way they were there with recommendations, honest answers about costs, and service of the highest levels. 

Jason Keenan

The Thomas Family

Ryan and his team were a breath of fresh air throughout the entire process from start to finish & were true consultants. They came highly recommended to us, and now we know why.


Thank you for being a bright light during this very difficult time for my family and I.

Ryan and the entire team were amazing. Thank you.

Cathryn Thomas

The Piush Family

I cannot thank Ryan and his team enough. With my moms sudden passing and having absolutely no idea what to do or expect, IDC took care of everything from start to finish. There is not one single detail that they did not take care of. This made things manageable at a difficult time.


After the service many guests commented on what a nice change this service was compared to the traditional service. It was exactly what my mom would have wanted. Thank you.

Jeff Piush

The Gilbert Family

I want to say something positive and encouraging but the loss of my daughter seems to have removed these words from my vocabulary. The sudden and devastating loss of one of the most beautiful, inspiring people I have had the honor of knowing rendered me lifeless for a very long time; as though I was in an emotional coma, incapable of feeling anything other than pain and loss.
I would not wish this pain on anyone; friend or foe. However, it happens to us whether we know of it in advance, or like the loss of my daughter, Amy, it is sudden and unexpected.


I think back to the week that ended life as we knew it and I cannot begin to find the words to thank Integrity Death Care for their caring, compassion and boundless efforts put into taking care of the funeral arrangements. Without having to take my eyes or thoughts off my girl during those four days of hell, a beautiful and honouring website, video tribute and memorial service was created that to this day astounds and humbles me. I cannot thank IDC enough for honoring Amy in such an incredible way, for taking care of details and decisions that we were in no shape, physically or emotionally, of making. I often say that I could have been talked into purchasing a gold-plated casket if I had been left on my own to make these decisions; nothing was too good for my baby. Thankfully we had IDC who gently inquired of us and Amy's friends what she was like and what she would have wanted had she been able to tell us. IDC took this information and from it created a memorial service that just over 600 people attended and one that I am convinced was "Amy approved".


IDC took care of everything while coaching us on the decisions we did have to make. How so much was done in so few days and in such an honouring way will always remain a mystery to me.
From the bottom of my broken heart, I and my family thank Integrity Death Care for their caring and compassion.

Alison Gilbert

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