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Our hearts are broken as we share the sudden passing of Morley James Tichborne on April 23rd, 2021. 

Morley was born in Cloverdale, Manitoba on the first day of summer in 1958 and he has brought the sunshine and warmth with him ever since.  He was generous with all his gifts;  his time, his emotional depth, and taking care of the physical needs of others with care and compassion. 

Our father was loving, doting and giving to a fault. He’d whip up the comforting meals, talk about the serious and hilarious, go to concerts with us or just fix our cars. He’d find a song to sing for every situation. Time slowed right down with him. He was the “best grandpa ever”: patient, playful and happy to live in the moment with his grandkids.  Our brother Morley was there to help us when we needed him, to help renovate, counsel or make curry. Uncle Morley was our Go-To guy, our favorite, our soft place to land. In the end, he used his last days to help others mend, to care for family and to be present for those he cared about. He was our Good ol’ friend Morley who listened and supported, shared his love of music, adventures, stereos, camping, and the outdoors. He was someone you could talk to about it all. He was our tender-hearted handyman. 

As a case worker for CFS, the size of his heart stretched far and wide, reaching so many young people who really just needed a kind, generous soul like him. His ability to care and act was above and beyond. Our Morley knew that his super skill was connecting with people and he made genuine friends wherever he went.  Morley reminds us to take the time, hold the space, be easy, be soft, be genuine, and keep the music loud.

Our dad knew that life was messy and raw, balanced in equal measure with laughter and joy.  Although our many hearts are broken right now, maybe in time we will feel instead cracked open, in a way that can allow all the love he’s given us to shine through.

We love you. We’re so proud of how you overcame the tough times in your life, all while making ours better.

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“Take hold of me, blessed powers that be, love will keep us together.” - Martin Sexton


In true Morley fashion, we invite you all to strike out your calendar for this special "Morley Morning" - to join us together in a celebration of life. There are no rules, but it's highly encouraged you sleep in a little. Wear your PJ's to breakfast. Make some good coffee or tea, and bring your best Morley morning laugh, hugs, and kisses for the ones that will be sharing it with you at the online event.


We will be having a "Morley Morning" celebration of life on Saturday May 8th. Virtual doors will open at 1030 am and memorial will start at 11 am central time.  Please use the links below on the day:



1030 AM on May 8th (Central Time): click link below:



May 8th following the celebration of life online event. Click link below: 


Also feel free to check out Morley’s Online Tribute page on Facebook. Link below:

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