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Tanis Van Walleghem, age 48, passed away peacefully on December 19, 2020 surrounded by her daughter, Hannah Van Walleghem, siblings Carl and Krista Muller and, on zoom, Jeff Muller.

Tanis will be long remembered for her love of family and her genuine interest in people. This, along with her fun-loving and generous nature and her infectious laugh, ensured that she had many friends.    Tanis was a master care giver, cuddling new babies, tending to friends’ dogs, helping and encouraging her mother when her father died, and, after her mother’s death, cooking wonderful meals and managing the house for her twin brother, Carl, and nephew.   Tanis had a special relationship with Carl- both fiercely independent, yet reliant on one other. The escapades of this dynamic “double the fun, double the trouble” duo are family legend.  In April 2000, Tanis and partner, Chris Van Walleghem, were happy to welcome their own baby to cuddle.   Tanis was incredibly proud of her daughter Hannah and enjoyed contemplating a time when Hannah would have her own family. 

Although devastated by the loss of her parents (Hugo & Adeline Muller) in 2019, she reached out to family, and her beloved cousins, aunts and uncles.  Her phone made it possible for her to be in touch often with many people.  She was very good at connecting.  Getting her texts in the early morning announcing that she was up and ready for action was a wonderful way to start the day.  This past summer she had a memorable visit to connect with her family in Calgary which she enjoyed immensely.

Tanis was a unique individual.  Although she experienced some challenges that made life more difficult, Tanis faced the world with energy and enthusiasm.  She had wonderful support from her parents with cello lessons, sporting activities – Tanis was an avid cyclist in her teens – family trips and summers at the cottage.  She had an “I can do it” attitude and a tremendous work ethic.   One of the jobs she took great pride in was supervising a crew at Investors Group Field.  She sometimes experienced discrimination but she didn’t suffer it- Tanis pushed back strongly and with indignation when treated unfairly.  

Tanis was interested in the world around her, often being the first one to report the latest dramatic event. She often surprised us with practical wisdom in simplifying a work project or knowledge of some obscure information. The surprise of Tanis’ COVID diagnosis however, was particularly cruel as she was one to play by the rules- wearing her mask diligently and complaining when others didn’t. Some of last words Tanis spoke to her family who had gathered from across Canada to express their love was “I’m tough” but, in spite of wonderful care at the Grace and St. Boniface hospitals and heroic medical intervention, Tanis did not survive. She will be greatly missed.

Tanis is survived by her daughter Hannah, Hannah’s father, Chris ;brothers, Carl and Jeff; sister, Krista (Andrew) along with niece Chanelle (Hamed) with children Noah and Kylan; nieces, Elena and Emma, ;nephews, Kieron (Morgan), Braedon, Ashton, Monty and Evan along with numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. 

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